Event Roles


Protocol Staffing Services, a division of Occasions Caterers, is more than just a staffing company. We're a team of talented individuals, each contributing specialized skills and abilities. When establishing our team, we ensure that each event is equipped to meet the visions and needs of our cherished guests. Each team member will have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions, while showcasing their skill and gaining experience in the event industry. 

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Certified bartenders & mixologists

Looking for a social, skillful and creative outlet you can use at our events and beyond? We will train you to craft the perfect cocktail and coach you through T.I.P.S. certification. 


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Coat Check

the real life WATCH KEEPERS

Our coat check professionals keep guests' outerwear and belongings safe and secure so they can enjoy their event, worry free. 

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seasoned, sophisticated & honorable  

Captains oversee all team members and attend to every detail, ensuring a seamless event. They are the essential liaison between staff, host and the overall guest experience. 

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the food stylists

Culinary talent paired with the finest ingredients and eye for design are the foundation for an exceptional dining. Advance your culinary agenda with our team today. 



poised, polished & gracious

Trained in the technical aspects of serving others, our waiters demonstrate the art and spirit of genuine hospitality.